John Hodge's Equipment


The Meade 12" f/10 LX-200 telescope.  This scope is of the "Schmidt-Cassegrain" type, meaning that it has two mirrors - one of which is movable for focusing.  For it's focal length, the Schmidt-Cassegrain design results in a "shorter" telescope when compared to a more conventional refractor or reflector type scope.  The LX-200 series is known as a "GOTO" scope because it has an internal computer operating the azimuth and declination positioning motors.  This computer has a database of over 64,000 targets and once calibrated can be commanded to automatically drive the telescope to the object of interest.  It can also be controlled by an external computer.
The SBIG ST-7 CCD camera shown in the prime focus position.  This extremely sensitive camera was used to obtain most of the images in John's gallery.  Also shown is the Meade electric focuser motor.
John's shown in his operating position with the big 12" scope..