Hap Griffin's Astrophotos


For most accurate viewing, please set your monitor's brightness and contrast controls so that you see 17 equally sized distinct shades of gray on this scale.  The blackest bar on the left should match the black background of this page and each bar should be distinctly brighter.  If you do not see 17 completely distinct bars, you will miss detail in the dark or light areas. 

These photographs represent the culmination of a lifelong dream...to be able to capture the beauty in the Universe that sadly, most humans never get a chance or take the time to appreciate.  I hope that you will be as stirred as I am by these images.


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NEW! - See an animated music video featuring some of the photographs below.  Click HERE.  Don't worry, it's virus-free.  When the presenter loads, click on the picture.  Once the show starts, right click on it and select Full Screen.  Then turn down the lights, turn up the sound and enjoy!