Hap Griffin's Equipment

The imaging setup as of May 2010.  The rig consists of two telescopes which can each be used for imaging depending on the apparent size of the target selected.  For wide-field work, a Takahashi FSQ-106N APO Refractor is used with a focal length of 530mm (106mm aperture at f/5).  For long focal lengths, a Planewave 12.5" CDK  with a focal length of 2540mm is used.  The German Equatorial mount is an AP-1200 by Astro-Physics.  The concrete pedestal extends through the raised floor of the telescope room and is the top of a much larger concrete foundation weighing several thousand pounds.  


The Planewave and Takahashi scopes are used with a QSI 583wsg CCD camera mounted at prime focus for imaging.   An SBIG ST-402 autoguiding camera is mounted to the off-axis guider port.  An Optec Pyxis instrument rotator is used to rotate the imaging train.  The Planewave EFI electronic controller box is shown mounted to the side of the rear of the scope.  To minimize the number of cables required to travel with the scopes on the mount, a seven port D-Link powered USB hub is mounted on the equipment rail to multiplex multiple USB signals into one cable to the observatory PC.  Also on the equipment rail is the controller for the Robofocus motorized focuser used on the Takahashi FSQ-106N.